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A Lumber Cart for the Workshop


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Build the Outer Frame Legs

All of the frame components are welded using lap joints at each corner. Weld up two L-shaped “legs” with a vertical measurement of approximately 4 feet and a horizontal measurement of approximately three feet.


Caster Carriages

Create caster “carriages” by bolting appropriate lengths of 16-ga. flat stock to the casters. This will allow easier removal of the caster if needed later. Weld the caster carriages to the four corners of the frame legs. 


Build and Attach the Outer Corral

Once again using lap joints, create an L-shaped outer frame or corral. The approximate dimensions are 4 feet high by 6 feet wide, with the lower leg of the L measuring approximately 2 to 2 1/2 feet. This inner frame will be attached to the outer frame legs. Clamp the outer frame to the legs at an approximately 10 degree angle. This angle will keep sheet goods leaning against the back of the cart.


Add Cross Members

At the base of the inner frame, two stretchers will need to be added. These will enable you to slide sheet goods across the cart and will accommodate the front corral. These cross members should be welded about a third of the width of the inner frame. In other words, if your frame is 6 feet wide, the cross member
will be welded in at 2 feet from each side. 


Add the Inner Corral

Working from the cross members up, weld two two-foot-tall uprights and a cross piece in place in the shape of an upside down U about a foot from the back of the frame. This inner corral piece will keep sheet goods from sliding off the cart.


Add Bracing

Weld angled gussets from the inner frame to the outer frame at the base of the cart. This will provide rigidity and will help transfer the load to all four wheels.


Prep for Finish

Just because this art is going to be in the shop, doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore. Take the time to cap all of the open tubing, grind down any welds that need it, and wipe everything down with mineral spirits or acetone to prep for finish.


Apply Finish

Apply two coats of a good quality metal primer to the entire cart, followed by the two to three coats of finish. Because of the sharp angles of this cart, I recommend a high visibility color like orange, but the choice is up to you.